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Platys Gialos

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Sifnos, a balanced and harmonious Cycladic Island, offers a blend of golden beaches, picturesque churches, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Begin your journey with a visit to the beautiful bay of Heronissos in the northern part of the island where you can indulge in swimming and sunbathing. Explore the little harbor of Vathy with tranquil waters and sandy beaches and conclude the day with a Mediterranean lunch by the sea in Platys Gialos. Sifnos embraces its rich heritage, including renowned poets and ceramic artists, making it a destination that satisfies all the senses.

Departure Point

Piso Livadi, Naousa or Parikia, Paros


8 Hours (Starting at 10:00a.m.)


*All cruises can be tailor made to your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific requests.

*Changes to the route and program may occur based on weather conditions and the captain’s discretion.

Experience the stunning Greek islands with our day cruises in Paros. Charter a boat with crew and set sail with your family and friends to discover the beauty of the Aegean sea. Our exceptional fleet includes ribs, cruisers, motor yachts, and sailing yachts, all available for departure from Paros. Customize your itinerary with the help of your skipper and make the most of your time at each island destination.

Private sea tours

The allure of the Aegean Sea, with its crystalline waters and sun-kissed islands, is timeless, drawing those who seek both relaxation and the romance of exploration.

Private sea tours from Antiparos or Paros (Pounta Port) to Sifnos Island offer an exclusive 8 hour excursion that caters to the desires of the modern voyager. On this luxurious journey, passengers will navigate the serene expanse between these iconic Greek destinations, with the promise of discovering hidden coves, historical sites, and local culinary delights.

With meticulous attention to detail, these tours are tailored to provide an intimate glimpse into the heart of Cycladic culture and its enchanting landscapes. As one contemplates the potential revelations this expedition holds, it becomes clear that such an experience is designed not just as a passage through the Aegean, but as a gateway to the soul of the Mediterranean — an odyssey waiting to unfold.

Tour Overview

Embarking from the serene shores of Antiparos or Paros, our Private Sea Tours offer an 8-9 hour immersive experience to the enchanting Sifnos Island, renowned for its golden beaches, rich cultural heritage, and artisanal pottery.

Esteemed guests are invited to indulge in the privilege of personalized service, traversing the azure waters in the comfort that only a luxury vessel to Mykonos can parallel, albeit with a course set for the less-traveled Sifnos.

Our seasoned captains navigate with precision, ensuring a smooth passage that combines the opulence of exclusive Delos excursions with the allure of hidden gems awaiting in Sifnos.

The journey encapsulates the essence of Greek maritime splendor, with opportunities to savor moments of seclusion on pristine shores akin to those found on Rhenia island tours.

Each aspect of the tour is meticulously curated to cater to the discerning tastes of our clientele, who take pleasure in offering an exceptional experience to their companions.

Aboard our vessels, one finds the epitome of luxury and the freedom to explore the Cycladic charm at leisure, all while upholding the highest standards of hospitality and service.

Departure Points

Several departure points are available for our Private Sea Tours, offering convenience and flexibility to guests staying on Antiparos or Paros. Recognizing the diverse locations from which our esteemed clientele may join us, we provide a selection of embarkation points to best cater to their needs.

Guests can set sail from the bustling port of Naoussa or the quaint fishing village of Piso Livadi, both renowned for their charm and accessibility. Alternatively, the central port of Parikia serves as a prime starting point for those who prefer the island’s capital’s vibrancy.

Our private tours depart from either Antiparos or Paros, including Pounta, a port known for its swift connections to neighboring islands, and Alyki, appreciated for its serene atmosphere. Each location has been thoughtfully chosen to ensure that your journey begins with ease and efficiency, regardless of your place of residence or accommodation on the islands.

We take pride in offering not just a service, but an experience tailored to the desires and comforts of those we serve. We invite you to begin your unforgettable excursion with us, embarking from the point that best suits your travel plans and preferences.

Journey Duration

Our meticulously crafted voyages are designed to provide a full day’s embrace of the sea’s beauty, spanning 8 to 9 hours. This duration is thoughtfully allocated to ensure that each guest experiences the tranquility and enchantment of Sifnos, with ample time to explore its sparkling waters, golden beaches, and rich cultural tapestry.

Every moment aboard is an opportunity to serve your desires for adventure, relaxation, and discovery. We are devoted to catering to your every need, allowing for a seamless journey that transcends the mere passage of time. The essence of our tours is not merely in the destination but in the journey itself – a journey that we endeavor to make as fulfilling and memorable as possible.

Allow us to guide you through a day replete with moments of wonder, from the first gentle lap of waves against the hull to the sun’s final golden descent. With our Private Sea Tours, the passage of time is measured not by the clock but by the heart’s contentment and the spirit’s rejuvenation.

Inclusions List

Embarking on our Private Sea Tours to Sifnos Island, guests enjoy a comprehensive array of inclusions designed to enhance their experience on the Aegean waters. The journey to this enchanting island encompasses not only the beauty of Sifnos itself but also the luxury and comfort provided during the voyage. We are committed to ensuring that every aspect of your sea tour is catered for with the utmost attention to detail.

Included in the price of your private tour are the captain’s fee and fuel, along with all legal taxes, ensuring a transparent and worry-free experience. Onboard, guests are treated to a selection of beer and local wine, complemented by an assortment of cold soft drinks and water to keep you refreshed throughout your excursion. To further enrich your relaxation and soak in the Grecian sun, beach towels are provided for your convenience.

Our multilingual crew is on hand to assist with any needs and provide insightful knowledge of the area, contributing to an engaging and hospitable atmosphere. For those inclined to explore the underwater scenery, snorkeling equipment is readily available. A delightful offering of fresh fruit and snacks rounds out the inclusions, providing a taste of the local flavors while you traverse the Aegean Sea.

Please note that while pick-up and drop-off from hotels to the port of departure, as well as gratuities, are not included, we are more than happy to assist with arranging transportation upon request.

Itinerary Highlights

Having outlined the comprehensive inclusions that come with our Private Sea Tours to Sifnos Island, let us now highlight the key experiences that await you on this exquisite itinerary.

Your journey commences with an enchanting visit to Heronissos, a tranquil bay nestled in the northern expanse of Sifnos. Here, guests can bask in the sun’s embrace or partake in an invigorating swim in the clear, azure waters.

The serene harbor of Vathy beckons next, offering a picturesque setting with its sandy beaches and calm waters, ideal for relaxation and leisurely exploration.

As the day progresses, you will be treated to a delightful Mediterranean lunch by the sea in the vibrant Platys Gialos. This locale is not just about the golden sands and beachside amenities; it is a place where you can immerse yourself in the island’s artistic heritage through the local pottery and culinary delights, such as the traditional Mastelo.

Each stop on this tour is an opportunity to serve and cater to the needs and desires of our guests, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience.

Please note that the itinerary may be adjusted by the skipper to optimize your enjoyment, taking into account the day’s wind conditions.

Boat Specifications

Sailing across the azure waters of the Aegean, our fleet features luxurious vessels, each meticulously designed to combine elegance, comfort, and safety for an unparalleled sea tour experience. These vessels are the embodiment of nautical sophistication, offering guests the opportunity to traverse the sea in style while ensuring their peace of mind.

Each boat within our distinguished fleet is selected to meet the highest standards of maritime excellence. Crafted with precision engineering, the boats are equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems, ensuring seamless voyages from Antiparos or Paros to the enchanting shores of Sifnos Island.

Designed to cater to your every need, our vessels range in size to accommodate different group sizes, all without compromising on space or comfort. Spacious sun decks allow for relaxation under the warm Greek sun, while shaded areas provide a cool respite. For those who wish to partake in aquatic activities, the vessels come equipped with snorkeling gear and other water sport accessories, promising enjoyment for every guest on board.

In service to our guests, our crew is dedicated to facilitating a journey that not only delights but also leaves a lasting impression of the Aegean’s majestic beauty.

Customization Options

To ensure a truly unique and personal sea tour experience, our Private Sea Tours offer a variety of customization options to cater to the individual preferences and desires of our clients. Acknowledging that each guest has distinct tastes and interests, we present a suite of choices that allow you to tailor your voyage to Sifnos Island.

From selecting specific beach stops along the crystalline waters of Heronissos or the sandy expanse of Vathy to planning a gourmet Mediterranean meal in Platys Gialos, our team is devoted to crafting an itinerary that aligns with your wishes.

We take pride in our ability to adapt the tour plan according to your requests, ensuring your journey is as engaging and satisfying as you envision. Whether you yearn for a day filled with relaxation and sunbathing or an adventure exploring underwater realms with our snorkeling equipment, we are here to facilitate your ideal day at sea. Our multilingual crew is at your service, ready to provide expert guidance and personalized attention throughout your tour.

Please communicate your preferences, and allow us to create an unparalleled sea tour experience that will become a cherished memory of your time in the Cyclades.

Booking Information

For those eager to embark on a Private Sea Tour to Sifnos Island, securing your reservation is a straightforward and customer-friendly process. We understand that your time is valuable, and our booking system is designed to provide you with a hassle-free experience. To ensure your preferred date and time, we recommend making reservations well in advance, especially during peak season.

To book your Private Sea Tour, you may visit our website where detailed information is available, including availability, pricing, and the option to customize your experience. Should you require assistance or have special requests, our dedicated team is available to guide you through the booking process and ensure that all your needs are met. We take pride in our commitment to excellence in serving our guests, and we are dedicated to creating an unforgettable journey for you.

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a comprehensive summary of your tour details, including the departure point, the included amenities, and any additional services you may have selected. We look forward to welcoming you aboard and providing an exquisite voyage to the enchanting Sifnos Island, filled with relaxation, discovery, and lasting memories.